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Screenshot from Mr. Gray Episode 5

Mr. Gray, Episode 5

2020 / Recruiting Film


A recruiting film in six episodes. Get to know the work at the tax consultancy Schwarz und Bengsch and imagine what the work could look like elsewhere. The painful experiences of Mr. Grau provide information about this.

The Project

Schwarz & Bengsch
Production Year
imotion factory
Directed by
Sascha Krüger
Idea, Concept, Screenplay, Production, Post Production
Screenshot from Mr. Gray Episode 5

Behind The

The script of the film series

The script was the linchpin for everyone involved

Mr. Gray, Episode 5

We had three days of shooting for a total of six films with various actors at several locations and over 250 camera positions. In such a case, meticulous preparation is the decisive success factor. The Schwarz & Bengsch team provided active support and we could hardly keep ourselves on our feet with laughter during the comedic performance of our main actor Florian (Mr. Gray).
The poor guy really had a lot to go through, but whether he had to slide across the asphalt with a bouquet of flowers in his hand or put his face into an exploding engine, he mastered everything perfectly - respect!

The shotlist of the film series.

Over 250 camera settings were recorded on the shotlist.

Filming the office scene.

Aaaand action. Filming the office scene.

On a small monitor you can see Mr. Gray in his office

Der Director's Monitor stand für die Kunden bereit, damit sie die Szenen mitverfolgen konnten

Two crew members film Mr. Gray in front of his car.

It was a hot day out in the parking lot.

The director goes to a car with Mr. Gray.

The director and Mr. Gray became best friends over time.

The director puts a cell phone in a gully.

The gully was really very dirty. But it didn't help, we needed a shot from the perspective of the lost key. This time it was simply filmed with the smartphone.

The director explains the next scene to Mr Gray.

Florian receives final instructions before his fall.

The actor lies on the floor and looks into the gully.

There he lies now and sees his key in the gully.

The actor has black make-up on his face.

This is what you look like after an engine explosion.

Preparation of the office scene

Preparation of the office scene

The cameraman carries a camera on his shoulder

Shooting with the camera on the shoulder rig.

The director gives instructions to an actress.

Final stage directions for Mrs. König

The director shows Mr Grau how to play the scene.

Sometimes directors have to be actors too.

The cameraman films Mr. Gray from inside the car.

The parking ticket scene was done in no time.

Two smartphones in the gully.

Ok, that should work.

The actor practices his fall on the gully.

Florian practiced his fall until it was perfect.

The actor practices his stance for the explosion.

That was the explosion scene. The engine didn't explode, of course, and Florian wasn't even standing in front of the bonnet. It's all fake, but it still looks really good in the film.

Mr. Grau and his new friends drink wine.

After the last scene we celebrated the wrap party at this location.

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