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imotion factory

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An ice hockey goalkeeper looks at the camera.

Ice Aliens

2015 / Cinema Spot


The job was clear: shoot a cinema sport for an ice hockey team. Makes it fast, exciting, thrilling and makes people want to watch our games.

The Project

Ice Aliens
Production Year
imotion factory
Directed by
Sascha Kr├╝ger
Idea, Script, Production, Post Production
Ein Eiskockeyspieler beim Bully.

Behind The

A crew member sets up the camera crane in the ice rink

Setting up the camera crane

Ice Aliens

A day of shooting on the ice is very special. But when a puck flies through the air at almost 150km/h and two ice hockey teams race at a full speed in front of, behind and next to the camera, then you start to feel a little ... different.
But Simon and Sascha came back alive, especially because they had strong support from the team and also because the guys are amazingly accurate when shooting the puck.

A cameraman films two ice hockey players at the face-off

Ready to go. Close-up on the puck at the bully.

The cameraman is sitting on a cart with his camera and is being pushed across the ice.

OWithout the help of the players, some shots would not have been possible. Sascha was much safer on the cart than on his feet.

The cameraman is sitting on a cart with his camera.

He couldn't get enough of that.

Cameraman with gimbal films the bully.

Now another shot in which you can see the players at the face-off.

The cameraman is sitting on a cart with his camera.

Sascha also had a lot of fun on the trip.