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imotion factory

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A pretty couple is dressed up in a hotel lobby.

Kuhn Ceremonial

2017 / Product Video


The current collection of wedding fashion from KUHN made-to-measure clothing is presented in the KUHN Ceremonial product videos.

The Project

Kuhn Maßkonfektion
Production Year
imotion factory / external Agency
Directed by
Sascha Krüger
Production, Post Production
Ein gut gekleideter Mann geht an einem Schloß entlang.

Behind The

A cameraman with a gimbal films the actor

The long day of shooting would not have been possible without the Easy-Rig

Kuhn Ceremonial

It felt like there were countless takes that we had to do until everything was right and we only had one day of shooting. The heat that day - it was around 30° Celsius - didn't make it any better, especially because the make-up artist had to re-powder practically after every shot.
In the end, however, the effort paid of with a very good video that showed the luxury character of the Kuhn Ceremonial Collection.

A cameraman with a gimbal films two actors

It wasn't easy for the models. Doing a lot of poses and always looking good, that was the job.

A cameraman with a gimbal films the actor.

The location was great. It's super easy to get good pictures here.

A man looks at the camera monitor.

We like to let customers see exactly what we are recording.

A film crew shooting the couple.

We were working with a large crew.