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imotion factory

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Drops of water roll off a suit jacket.

Kuhn Stories - The 360° Suit

2017 / Product Video


Special highlights from the current KUHN men's collection are presented in the KUHN Stories. A total of six videos were produced for different products.

The Project

Kuhn Maßkonfektion
Production Year
imotion factory / external Agentur
Directed by
Sascha Krüger
Production, Post Production
The sewn-in manufacturer's label in a suit jacket.

Behind The

A film set in the studio with a camera crane

At the beginning of a shoot, everyone is always in a good mood.

Kuhn Stories - The 360° Suit

In the presented suits, the smallest details count. Therefore, the shots taken with normal lenses were mixed with macro shots. In particular, the shot, in which the water droplets remain on the fabric and are then blown away without leaving any residue, is our favorite.

The director looks critically at the scene

When the camera is rolling, however, maximum concentration is required.

A camera on a camera slider films a suit jacket.

How do you get the best out of a lying jacket? You move the camera and film with a macro lens.

The actor reads from the teleprompter.

For some scenes we had to provide a teleprompter.

The assistant director adjusts the suit jacket for the recording.

Every speck of dust, no matter how small, was removed from the jacket.