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imotion factory

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A druid draws water from a river

Streitmacht Bergisch Land

2016 / Music Video


This music video was produced for the Viking metal band Obscurity. The video deals symbolically with the ups and downs that the band has gone through in its more than 20 year history. The video has won several international awards as the best music video.

The Project

Production Year
imotion factory
Directed by
Sascha Kr├╝ger
Concept, Screenplay, Production, Post Production
2 in "Best Film"
An assassin stabs with his sword

Behind The

A crew member and an assassin become friends

Assassins are only human too

Streitmacht Bergisch Land

That was tough. We had planned many locations, some special effects, elaborate costumes and lots of visual effects for the post-production - unfortunately, the Obscurity record label had a rather limited budget. Nevertheless, we rose to the challenge and the result is a prime example of the fact that with a lot of creativity you can also save a lot on production costs.

A group of people is waiting in an underground passage.

Some scenes were shot in old escape tunnels.

A crew member puts his thumbs up.

2am and Simon is still in a good mood.

A performer is covered with artificial cobwebs.

Unfortunately Toni had to lie on the cold floor for a long time until all the cobwebs were positioned.

The crew covers a performer with leaves.

It should look like Armin has been lying there for a while.

A performer has a gash on his neck.

The special effects in the cold and high humidity weren't easy.

A performer is pale made up to look like a corpse of water.

30 minutes of make-up for half a second of water corpse in the picture ... that's film

Johnny Depp once said: 'Awards are not as important to me as when I meet a 10-year-old kid who says, that it loves Captain Jack Sparrow.'
We feel the same. If the customer is satisfied, then we have achieved our goals. ...we are of course still happy about an award :)


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The IndieFEST Film Awards
Beste Music Video