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imotion factory

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A boxer trains on the sandbag

Together Strong

2021 / Image Film


This image film should provide information about the work of the Bundesverband Skoliose Selbsthilfe e.V. and provide those affected with comprehensive information on the subject of scoliosis. In contrast to what is usual in the health industry, a bold and modern concept should be used and the association's modern image should be conveyed with impressive pictures.

The Project

Bundesverband Skoliose
Techniker Krankenkasse
Production Year
imotion factory
Directed by
Sascha Krüger
Idea, Screenplay, Production, Post Production
Sven Gerlach
Shadow Boxing during sunrise

Behind The

The camera crane is brought into position

A camera crane was required for some shots.

Together Strong

You're not often in the ring with a heavyweight boxer. So this project was once again a very special experience. Two days of shooting when we had to be on set at 4:00 a.m. Neither corona restrictions nor a whole range of different locations could stop us from making some epic recordings.

The cameraman films a boxer taping his hands.

The tape scene while we're shooting.

Scene with sunrise over the city. The cameraman adjusts the camera. The director discusses the next scene with the cast.

We only had a time window of 15 minutes for the sunrise scene.

Scene in the boxing ring in which a boxer is knocked down.

In the middle of the action.

A boxer is taping his hands

This is what the tape scene looks like in the finished film.

Der Kameramann filmt, wie die beiden Darsteller die Händer zur Siegerpose heben.

Done. The final shot is in the can.

The director and composer work on the background music.

The music was composed by Sven Gerlach and together we carefully aligned it with every beat of the film.

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