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imotion factory

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The jet with which the band is flown in in the video

Ballroom Blitz Tribute (Official Video)

2016 / Music Video


The Ballroom Blitz Show throws the fans back to the 70s; The time when cell phones and computers were still a future dream, a comb in the back pocket and blow-dry long hairstyles were totally in.
Our task was to capture that feeling - and we did it quite well together with the band.

The Project

Ballroom Blitz
Production Year
imotion factory
Directed by
Sascha Krüger
Concept, Screenplay, Production, Post Production
Mickey plays the bass

Behind The

The crew builds up the camera crane in front of a jet.

Building up the camera crane.

Ballroom Blitz Tribute (Official Video)

Even renting a small jet costs € 10,000 per day - if it's just standing around on the tarmac. Unfortunately, the budget didn't allow for this, but with countless phone calls and a lot of creativity we actually managed to shoot a whole day with an Air Alliance plane.
We also organized a concert for the live music scene, where more than 600 viewers took part as extras and we were able to shoot during the show.

A camera crane is ready for use in front of a jet.

The camera crane is ready to go.

The cameraman films the band inside the jet.

There's a lot less space in a jet like this than you might think.

The band play live on stage. A cameraman films the audience.

Filming the concert scenes without an audience.

The band play live on stage. A cameraman films the audience.

Shoot during the live performance on stage.

cameraman films the band as they leave the plane.

Tracking shot with the gimbal

The cameraman is waiting for action.

We don't know anymore who Simon is waiting for.

The technical set-up for the live scenes is being prepared.

Preparations for the concert scenes.